The Delaware House

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Artistic refurbished twists to everyday furnishings, created with love . One of a kind pieces to feed your eyes and your soul.

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Blu Bee Cafe

At Blue Bee Cafe, our mission isn’t just to serve delicious food, it’s to create a relaxing oasis where you can sit back and gather with friends or spend some “me time”. Originally housed in a bookstore, our love for transportive stories is translated into the flavor of every dish on our menu. Open for all three meals, you’re sure to find the perfect one to cure your cravings -- whether it’s for a Curried Egg Salad sandwich or the classic Blue Bee waffles.

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Russell’s General Store

Russell's General Store is located in Bovina Center, New York. Currently Russell's is one of only two stores in Bovina, and the only one that serves as both a sandwich shop and general store.

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Andes Connection, LTD

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Clementine Vintage Clothing

Our Clothing is hand selected specifically for the Catskill's lifestyle, great classics that become old favorites and special pieces reminiscent of a more glamorous era... of grand hotels and summer nights spent dancing under the stars. With the creation of our website we hope to provide you with the opportunity to find a new favorite to enjoy on your great escape.

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Paisley’s Country Gallery

Wonderful merchandise you won't find anywhere else. Nice people too!

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Flanders Fields Bed and Breakfast

Your hosts, Tom and Katharine Flanders, invite you to enjoy Southern hospitality in the
Heart of The Catskills

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Greenane Farms

•All Natural Grass-Fed Angus Beef
•Pastured Poultry
•Catskill Quail
•Heritage Pork
•Year Round Fresh Produce
From the farm kitchen Garden fresh Farm Foods!! Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook Meals, Marinated Meats, Salads, Juices, Authentic Mexican Empanadas, Tamales, Carnitas, Salsas; Dried Herbs, and Berry Preserves, baked goods and much more.
Garden flowers, bedding plants, hanging baskets, herbs, & vegetables

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The Tulip and The Rose

We create flavorsome, traditional dishes using fresh, local ingredients

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For 16 years we here at Lucky Dog Farm & Store have made good, fresh food a priority. Whether from our fields, our kitchen or our store, you get only the freshest and finest we have to offer. Come in with an old pal, shop the store, eat in the cafe, and leave with new friends. We look forward to seeing you soon!"

Richard and Holley

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Nestled into the bucolic Catskill mountains, is the town of Bovina. Green pasture and brambly hills are dotted with the cloven animals that give the thriving agricultural community its name. Farm stands line the peaceful, winding roads that lead you to town center, where Main Street seems to be standing still in time.
That’s where you’ll find Brushland, with its screen doors propped, feeding hungry locals and welcoming weary travelers. Feeling far removed from the excess of city life, Brushland embodies the simple life, with a romantic view from the porch into the past.

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Mountain Brook Inn

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Inn At Toll Gate Creek

We welcome you to reserve a relaxing get away at our historic family home whenever you need time away from the hectic pace of daily life. If it's winter, you'll find cold weather sports including skiing, snowmobiling, and hunting, and in the summer months you can enjoy exploring the beautiful natural environment we call home. Shopping and dining, as well as cultural events abound. Join us!

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Woodys Country Kitchen

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Kabinett & Kammer

Welcome to Kabinett & Kammer, a contemporary curiosity shop of antiques, natural wonders and art.

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The Roxbury Motel

Open a new window, open a new door, travel a new highway into rooms like you’ve never seen before!

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Plattekill Mountain

The resort operates year round as a ski area in the winter and as a mountain biking destination during the summer.

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Belleayre Mountain Ski Center

Belleayre Mountain is located off of State Route 28 in Highmount, NY, just hours from New York City. The land was declared “Forever Wild” by the New York State Forest Preserve in 1885.

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A private, elegant, welcoming Catskills lodge. A meadow with bonfires and stone stage. Superb Catskills cuisine and hand-crafted wine, beer, and spirits. All on thirty-three acres to wander and dream.

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Union Grove Distillery

Union Grove Distillery is a new "Farm Licensed" craft distillery located in Arkville, New York in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.

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The Tin Horn

The Tin Horn also carries an array of local products including jams, jellies, maple syrup and honey. The shop also offers beeswax candles, jewelry, imported soaps and bath products, laundry fragrances from Good Home and savory relishes, chutneys and mustard from Stonewall Kitchen.

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Willow Drey Farm

Located overlooking Gladstone Valley in the picturesque town of Andes in the western Catskills, this venue offers everything you need to make your special day extraordinary.

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Maple Shade Farm

Maple Shade Farm was settled in 1785 by Daniel Frisbee, son of Judge Gideon Frisbee. Gideon Frisbee was one of the early pioneers of Delaware County. Daniel purchased the 200-acre timber lot that is Maple Shade farm today.

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Wayside Cider

From hand picking apples through to bottling our final product, we handle every stage of the process, including, of course, sharing a glass of our cider with friends.

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Andes Rail Trail

The Andes Rail Trail is an easily accessible hiking trail in an idyllic setting, suitable for individuals and families of all ages.

Andes Art and Antiques

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Palmer Hill Trail

The trail meanders through open meadows with beautiful views of forested lands, productive apple trees and historic stone walls.

Andes General Store

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Two Old Tarts

Located in Andes, New York specializing in hand crafted baked goods, desserts, sandwiches and coffee.

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Andes Hotel

10 casual, ranch-style rooms in an old-fashioned building with a porch, a classic eatery & a tavern.

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  • Union Grove Distillery

    845-586-6300 / website
    9.25 mi
  • Wayside Cider

    (484) 753-1180 / website
    0.38 mi
Event Locations
  • Lucky Dog ORGANIC

    (607) 746-8383 / website
    10.44 mi
  • Mountain Brook Inn

    1-877-692-7665 / website
    6.11 mi
  • Spillian

    (800) 811-3351 / website
    12.71 mi
  • Willow Drey Farm

    (607) 643 3646 / website
    1.41 mi
  • Maple Shade Farm

    (607) 746-8866 / website
    8.64 mi
  • Andes Hotel

    (845) 676-4408 / website
    0.39 mi
  • Andes Art and Antiques

    (845) 676-3420 / website
    0.37 mi
Other Lodging
  • Flanders Fields Bed and Breakfast

    (607) 464-4145 / website
    8.84 mi
  • Brushland

    1-607-832-4861 / website
    4.82 mi
  • Mountain Brook Inn

    1-877-692-7665 / website
    6.11 mi
  • Inn At Toll Gate Creek

    1-607-746-7287 / website
    6.66 mi
  • The Roxbury Motel

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    13.01 mi
  • Andes Hotel

    (845) 676-4408 / website
    0.39 mi
  • Blu Bee Cafe

    (607) 746-8060 / website
    8.77 mi
  • Russell’s General Store

    (607) 832-4242 / website
    4.81 mi
  • Greenane Farms

    (804) 301-7247 / website
    14.55 mi
  • The Tulip and The Rose

    (607) 829-4040 / website
    21.76 mi
  • Lucky Dog ORGANIC

    (607) 746-8383 / website
    10.44 mi
  • Brushland

    1-607-832-4861 / website
    4.82 mi
  • Mountain Brook Inn

    1-877-692-7665 / website
    6.11 mi
  • Woodys Country Kitchen

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    0.33 mi
  • Andes General Store

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    0.33 mi
  • Two Old Tarts

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    0.35 mi
  • Andes Hotel

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    0.39 mi
  • Funkature

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    8.66 mi
  • Russell’s General Store

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    4.81 mi
  • Andes Connection, LTD

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    0.32 mi
  • Clementine Vintage Clothing

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    0.33 mi
  • Paisley’s Country Gallery

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    0.33 mi
  • Greenane Farms

    (804) 301-7247 / website
    14.55 mi
  • Lucky Dog ORGANIC

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    10.44 mi
  • Kabinett & Kammer

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    0.33 mi
  • The Tin Horn

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    0.35 mi
  • Andes General Store

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    0.33 mi
Ski Resorts
  • Plattekill Mountain

    (607) 326-3500 / website
    13.49 mi
  • Belleayre Mountain Ski Center

    (845) 254-5600 / website
    15.14 mi